As spooky season comes to a close, we are excited to partner with ISLA to put on a "party with a purpose" that aims to honor Mexican culture while raising funds for local immigrant communities who are in need of support. ISLA attorneys visit detained immigrants at the eleven ICE Processing Centers in the region on a weekly basis and provide pro bono representation while advocating for just and humane immigration policy. All proceeds from this event will go directly to their efforts. The night will feature a great lineup of music: JUAN TIGRE 🐅 (8:30 ish) “Atmospheric Cholo Instrumentals” LOS GATOS DEL NORTE 🐱 (9:30 ish) “Mexican Norteños y Rancheros” LOS GÜIROS 👩‍🎤 (10:30 ish) “Cumbia Psicodélica de New Orleans” Also, to transform the space and honor the Mexican customs surrounding Día de los Muertos, local artist and curandero Rizzo López will be constructing an Ofrenda, where we invite our community to visit the church during open hours to contribute to the altar. For more information on ISLA visit: